The exceptional drought has reduced the filling of dams with water to 25%, compared to 40% a year ago – Hoy 24

The supply of dams in the Kingdom has decreased until today, Monday September 12, to be limited to about 4,080 million cubic meters, with an estimated filling rate of 25 percent.

The data from the Ministry of Equipment and Water, on its website, on the daily status of the main large dams in the Kingdom, indicated that the injection of the dam, during the same period last year, amounted to more than 6,350 million cubic meters , with a fill rate of 39.4 percent.

The Al-Wehda dam saw the largest injection of more than 1.54 billion cubic meters, with a filling rate of 43.9 percent, compared with 64.5 percent a year ago.

With a fill rate of 49.2 percent, the Wad Al-Makhaz Dam ranks second with a syringe of 330.9 million cubic meters, compared to 494 million cubic meters a year ago, with a fill rate of 73.5 percent at that time.

The Idris I dam ranks third with a volume of 309 million cubic meters, with a filling rate of 27.4 percent, compared to 54.2 percent in the same period last year (612.8 million cubic meters). cubic meters).