Walid Rakraki talks about the “newcomer” Walid Ashdeira and the reason to continue trusting Al-Nusairi despite the drop in his level – Hoy 24

Walid Rekraki, coach of the Moroccan national team, explained that Walid Ashdira deserves to be on the Moroccan national team list now, after his brilliance with his Italian team Bari.

In the press conference that was held to announce the final list of the Chilean and Paraguayan national teams, Rekraki confirmed that Walid Ashdera, although he plays in the second division of the Italian League, is still the top scorer, because he believes that the top scorer is at any level and with any team of any kind. .

In the same context, Rekraki said that Ryan Maye’s level is good with his team, Frinkfaruzzi, and Youssef Al-Nusairi is still an important element, despite the drop in his level with Sevilla, Spain, which he suffers recently, explaining that Al-Nusairi’s stats last year were good with the team. Regragui added that Ayoub Al Kaabi is still an effective player and that it is important to be with the Moroccan team on the offensive line.