Announcing the lawyer’s party this week without changing the terms – today 24

The Ministry of Justice is expected to announce this week the party to access the legal profession, according to sources from this ministry.

This party will be, in most cases, the last one according to the applicable system, before the change of the law relative to this profession. The Minister of Justice, Abdel Latif Wehbe, sought to begin his mandate by carrying out the legal comparison according to the new laws that require a master’s degree, but the delay in reaching a consensus with the lawyers caused the postponement of the process for the next matches. .

Consequently, graduates in legal sciences will have the right to apply for this competition, which may be the last opportunity for these people before changing the law.

The contest takes place approximately every four years, and thousands of candidates had successfully passed the contest that took place some four years ago, and its results were the subject of controversy, especially since the current Minister of Justice was announcing his objections to the “large number of people accepted into the profession “after passing the match. Their number has exceeded 5 thousand successful.