mourning in universities after the death of two students in a fire in the university district of Oujda – Hoy 24

The Union of Moroccan Students declared, this Thursday, a day of national mourning for all Moroccan universities, in honor of the students who lost their lives in a young fire in a wing of the university district of the city of Oujda, in which two died. students, in addition to injuring 24 students with fractures and burns of varying severity.

He also declared his readiness to take protest measures against “the various policies of marginalization and disregard for the life and dignity of Moroccan students.”

The National Union of Moroccan Students called for an urgent investigation into the circumstances and circumstances of the fire, saying it “highlights the extent of the systematic abandonment of university neighborhoods, which include thousands of students, especially the Mohammed I University neighborhood.” with the testimony of successive generations of students”.

He explained that the aforementioned university district, “does not have the minimum requirements that preserve the dignity of the oppressed student, and it has not carried out the simplest maintenance operations for years, and it does not have an outlet for relief, and it does not have the simplest means of rapid intervention to put out fires”.

This incident, adds the same source, questions the authorities responsible for “the fate of the budgets allocated to the maintenance of neighborhoods, despite their scarcity and inadequacy, and again accounts for the role of the State in caring for these vital spaces at all levels, as well as develop, expand and make them habitable, and unequivocally re-emphasizes There is no doubt that the student is just a neglected number that is not included in the accounts of the state”.

The National Union of Moroccan Students urged university institutions and the Ministry of Higher Education to actively participate in strengthening the educational infrastructure and its permanent maintenance in accordance with the level and dignity of students.

The Federation, the National Office of University Social and Cultural Works, and with it the presidency of the Mohammed I University, have a large part of the responsibility for the lives lost, the injuries that occurred and the property destroyed, since they are the two institutions in charge to manage this vital space.

Students in Morocco also held the state responsible for the state of affairs in university neighborhoods and dormitories, deliberately abandoning its role in caring for these spaces and its participation in perpetuating the reality of fragility.