The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs relieves the head of the liaison office in Rabat and appoints him a successor – today 24

An Israeli channel said today, Wednesday, that the Foreign Ministry relieved the head of Israel’s Liaison Office in Morocco, David Govrin, after his involvement in harassment cases, and appointed Alona Fischer, who previously served as Tel Aviv’s ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro, instead.

added channel,24iGovrin was relieved and Fischer named his successor, while Govrin is currently under investigation in “cases involving charges of sexual exploitation, concealment of gifts and nepotism”.

Fischer has a doctorate in political science from Tel Aviv University and previously served as Israel’s ambassador to Serbia and a non-resident ambassador to Montenegro, as well as working in the field of training diplomats in special missions, according to the channel.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has not issued an official statement on Govrin’s removal and Fischer’s appointment in his place so far.

David Govrin, head of the Israel Liaison Office, came out this week to comment for the first time on the investigation launched by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs into allegations of harassment of Moroccan women and the disappearance of a prized gift from the Liaison. . Office in Rabat.

Govrin, through his lawyer, Dror Matityahu, sent a letter to Israel’s Foreign Ministry Director General Alon Auschwitz to respond to these accusations, which were reported by the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth in retaliation.”

And this person, as explained later in the letter, is the security officer of the Israeli embassy in Rabat, “Ran Mitzwanim”, with whom there are disputes with Govrin.

The lawyer, Matityahu, said that there is a very tense working relationship between the two, following a complaint filed by Govrin against him in February for the use of an embassy security vehicle in violation of procedures, but the Inspector General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs later found this to be justified and did not consider it a violation.

Govrin’s lawyer denied that the latter received a precious gift from a “source close to the royal palace” at one of the celebrations organized by the Israel Liaison Office in Rabat, saying that the Israeli Foreign Ministry will officially release new data on this topic. .

The Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the head of the Israel Liaison Office, David Govrin, along with sending a delegation of high-level diplomats, including the Ministry’s Inspector General, Hagai Behar, to Rabat to investigate the complaints. and accusations against him.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry opened an investigation into suspected irregularities at the Israel Liaison Office in Rabat, which was reopened only a year ago, having been opened when then-Israeli Foreign Minister and current Prime Minister Yair Lapid visited the capital, Rabat.