The war against narcotic pills continues in Meknes – today 24

The elements of the state service of the judicial police of the city of Meknes, based on truthful data provided by the interests of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, managed, on Tuesday morning, to arrest three people between 28 and 40 years old , for suspicion of his participation in a case related to the possession and distribution of psychotropic substances.

According to security sources, the arrest of the three suspects took place near the motorway action station, immediately after their arrival in a utility vehicle from a city in the north of the Kingdom, where the inspection process was being carried out, to determine which of them was the one to which he was subjected, resulted in the seizure of 1,340 medical narcotic pills, before an operation was presented that points to national security databases that among them is a suspect who is the subject of a warrant nationwide search warrant for his involvement in a financial crime.

The same sources added that the suspects were placed under the theoretical guard measure in reference to the investigation carried out by the state interest of the judicial police in the city of Meknes under the supervision of the competent Prosecutor’s Office, in order to identify everyone. the criminal acts with which they are charged.

It should be noted that the Meknes security services managed, last Thursday, to arrest two people, aged 28 and 34, a woman and a person with a criminal record, on suspicion of their involvement in the possession and distribution of 1,219 narcotic pills, after they were detained on a passenger road transport bus, immediately after their arrival in the city of Meknes, coming from one of the northern cities of the Kingdom.