A collapsed factory threatens the lives of 300 workers in Safi – Hoy 24

One of the factories (Fabrica) specialized in canning sardines on the “Jorf Al-Jawdi” road, to my regret, is threatened with collapse, which poses a threat to 300 workers.
Today, the 24th, it was learned that a meeting was recently held, attended by local authorities, senior company officials and trade unionists representing the workers, at the headquarters of the factory specializing in the production of fish sweets, which was They export to countries in Europe and America.
A source said the meeting discussed the dangers resulting from seawater intrusion into the factory, due to its presence at Mahadat al-Bahr, which employs around 300 women workers.

The possibility of closing it was discussed, especially after the women’s store was damaged, and the eating space in particular.
According to the data obtained by “Al-Youm 24”, the seawater is filtering and flowing abundantly under a series of industrial sardine, olive and adult saponification warehouses that overlook the seafront, due to the pressure of the waves that hit the “cliff” on which these factories were built, years ago.

This puts the lives of workers, mostly women, at risk.
In a call to a union source who confirmed the news of the meeting, he said regarding the fate of the workers: “In case there is an urgent need to close the factory, the administration will resort to transferring the services to another industrial unit. affiliated with the same company, and distributing workers to other industrial units in the same area without losing their rights.”