For tax evasion… the artist Samo Zain was imprisoned for two years – today 24

Last Monday, an Egyptian court sentenced the Syrian artist Osama Muhammad Al-Abras, known as Samo Zein, to two years in prison with hard labor, in connection with a case related to tax evasion.

Egyptian media reports revealed that Samo Zein evaded paying 1,397,393 Egyptian pounds in taxes, as it was decided to fine him 1.4 million pounds, or $74,000.

The court also set bail at 100,000 Egyptian pounds, or $5,265, to stay the execution.

It should be noted that the Egyptian prosecution charged artist Samo Zain with tax evasion during his artistic dealings during the period between 2014 and 2017, and he was also charged with evading the payment of other transaction taxes, including dealing with some hotels and Egyptian restaurants.