Saida Sharaf enters the world of acting through her wide door – today 24

Moroccan actress Saida Sharaf entered the world of acting through a wide door, where she will have her first experience in a heroic role in a new film directed by Mohamed Ahed Bensouda.

And media outlets revealed that the new film stars Moroccan artist Bushra Aharish and Saida Sharaf, who will join artists who have moved from the world of singing to the world of acting.

The source noted that the film is the story of a group of Moroccan women who differ from each other, including Saida Sharaf and Bouchra Aharish.

Moroccan artist Saida Sharaf’s latest work of art is a popular “kashikool” titled “Wa Haya Lalla” distributed by Hisham Balamine, which achieved success through the YouTube video upload site with an estimated audience of over 961,000. visualizations.