The arrest of a trucker transporting thousands of packages of contraband cigarettes, firecrackers and artificial meteors

In the context of the fight against organized crime, members of the anti-gang squad of the state administration of the Judicial Police in the security of El-Ayoun managed, on Thursday, September 15, to arrest a truck driver in his forties, on suspicion of being linked to a criminal network active in the smuggling of artificial meteors and the promotion of contraband cigarettes.

After the arrest of the suspect at the traffic control center at the northern entrance of the city of El-Aaiún in the direction of Tarfaya, a detailed search of the truck destined for the transport of leather was carried out, verifying that it was also loaded with 47,590 boxes. and bags of contraband tobacco, 17,000 boxes of contraband cigarettes, in addition to 1,120 bottles of veterinary solution for animal injections, as well as 4,460 units of fireworks and meteors.

The contraband material was seized and the arrested driver was subjected to theoretical surveillance measures at the disposal of the investigation that is being carried out under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry, in order to identify all the possible extensions and links with this criminal activity, and reveal approved smuggling routes, including sea routes, since much of the seizures were wet and submerged in water.