The Moroccan team inside the pavilion qualifies for the final after beating Finland by four – today 24

The Moroccan soccer team qualified for the Confederations Cup final, defeating Finland 4-1 in the semifinals, in the match that was played on Monday at the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium, in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

The Moroccan team entered the game in their first round, pressing from the start, looking for an early goal, while the Finnish team relied on counterattacks, with occasional punctual attacks, to deal the lions in the hall with a goal against the course of the game.

The Moroccan team managed to score the first goal thanks to Abdellatif Fati, six minutes from the end of the first round.

At a time when the Finnish team was looking to adjust the result, the corridor lions managed to score the second goal through the player Khaled Bouzid, while Sofiane El-Missar scored the third, while the last minutes did not know anything new. so that the first round ended with the Moroccan team leading by three goals.

Moroccan goalkeeper Abdelkarim Anbia carried the weight of the match in his second round, due to the continuous high pressure from the Finnish team, which seeks to reduce the difference, while his teammates relied on counterattacks, perhaps giving them a fourth goal, while they continued defending his goal to keep the net clean.

The Moroccan team took advantage of the departure of their Finnish counterpart, and their confidence in the numerical increase, removing the goalkeeper, when Youssef Jawad managed to add the fourth goal, eight minutes from the end of the game, which pushed all the balls. who went towards him to safety.

The post prevented the Finnish team from scoring their first goal of the match, three minutes from the end of the match, before they were able to score it a minute and 50 seconds before the end, while the Moroccan team waited for opportunities to add the fifth goal, since he came close to achieving it, while in the final minutes he knew nothing new, and the match ended with the Hall Lions winning 4-1 against Finland, after which they qualified for the Confederations. Final Cup.

The Moroccan team will face its Iranian counterpart in the final of the 2022 FIFA Continental Championship, after defeating the host country Thailand in the first semifinal, by three goals to two.