The “Salvation Samir” Front demands a ceiling on fuel prices and the return of 45 billion dirhams earned by companies – today 24

The National Front for the Salvation of the Moroccan Oil Refinery “Samir” warned against what it described as “game of chance, destabilization and threat to the security and social stability of the country by the government” regarding the issue of purchasing power of citizens as a result of the direct and indirect repercussions of the rise in fuel prices.

The Front reiterated, through a statement, the need to “return to oil refining in the Moroccan refinery of Mohammedia”, and said that “it has become a popular and national demand and has become necessary and essential to improve the Morocco’s energy security and increase stocks, as well as contribute to lower fuel prices and benefit from significant margins to refine oil and the economy in the waste of foreign currency”.

He stressed that the company “Samir” can still resume its activity after claiming it with an amount of around 2 billion dirhams and within a period not exceeding 8 months, and called for “an independent expertise to be carried out on the multiple losses from the suspension of refining in Morocco, as well as the privatization of the Samir company, and the prosecution of all those involved in losses and waste of public money”.

The National Front for the Salvation of the Moroccan Oil Refinery renewed its call for “the urgent resumption of oil refining, and the sale of the assets of the Samir company on behalf of the Moroccan State, in line with the wave of nationalizations and the return of the State to the capital of the energy sectors, and the return, after the conditions of competition in the Moroccan market no longer exist, to determining the prices for sale to the public of fuels by limiting profits. ” Distributors, the reduction and ceiling of taxes, and the return to subsidizing fuel prices”.

And he called for “recovering the scandalous profits estimated at about 45,000 million dirhams and reactivating the general budget by approving the tax on wealth and companies that benefit from the current situation, and forcing evaders to do their duty (about 160,000 million dirhams, or 12 percent of gross domestic product, according to estimates by the International Monetary Fund) and prove the extent of its belonging to Morocco.”

The Front called for “opening the public media to respond to the statements” that it described as “misleading and malicious” by some government officials, considering that they are statements “harmful to the interests of Morocco within and in the outside”. to a decent life for Moroccans at a time of exorbitant fuel prices and a scandalous mixture of money and power.

It should be noted that the National Front for the Salvation of the Moroccan Oil Refinery “SAMIR” is made up of parties, unions, associations and experts, in addition to trade unionists from the “SAMIR” company affiliated with the Democratic Confederation of Labor, the National Confederation Petroleum and Gas Union.