We are waiting for the resumption of dressage – today 24

After more than 5 years, during which Lamia’s family traversed an arduous journey in search of treatment, signs of hope for recovery began to appear on the horizon.

Bouarfa Amlah, the father of Lamia, a student from Taounate whose body had necrosis from Wilson’s disease, said in a call with “The 24th Day” that his daughter has become more comfortable than before, especially after classes. of dressage that has started since the beginning of the summer of this year, waiting for its restart in the university hospital with Fez.

Regarding the indicators of improvement in the health status of the student Lamia, Bouarfa said that her daughter suffered from lack of sleep and the pain that plagued her day and night, but today her sleep is peaceful and her family no longer suffers in this door, as it was before, in addition to its ability to control the expenditure of its natural need and respond to its immediate environment.

Lamia’s father, the struggling man, confirmed that the path of treatment is not over yet, and that the medicine that the doctors prescribed for his daughter is being taken regularly, and he is also waiting for a call from the University Hospital to resume classes. of dressage, which he said will last a long time.

It should be noted that patient Lamia, whose body shrank due to her rare disease, obtained a bachelor’s degree in a scientific course in 2016 and spent a few months at Sidi Mohamed bin Abdullah University – Faculty of Sciences in Dahr Al-Mahraz, but her illness forced her to return to her family’s home, where she will begin the arduous path of treatment from one public hospital to another.