Farid Ghanem and Rabab Azmani organize a big party on this occasion – today 24

Moroccan artist Farid Ghanem and his influential wife Rabab Azmani threw a huge party that brought together several occasions, including their son Karam’s aqeeqah, his first birthday, his circumcision ceremony, and the birthday of his eldest daughter, Samar.

Moroccan singer Donia Batma, accompanied by Farid Ghannam, performed the “legendary” concert with popular songs, which was attended by various artists and “social media” personalities, such as singer Mohamed Al-Rifi, Abeer Al-Abed and Adel Aseel. , who presented their songs to activate the concert.

Rabab Azmani expressed his joy at the ceremony in which he brought together all the past occasions, which he did not perform at the right time due to external pressures, such as his contagion with the “Corona” virus and the death of his grandfather and grandmother.

Rabab and her husband shared the details of the ceremony through their official pages on the photo and video sharing site Instagram, where she impressed several social media activists with her Moroccan appearance.