Finding of a teacher’s car attacked by a gang on the outskirts of Marrakech – Today 24

The Royal Gendarmerie at the Sayed Al-Zouine filth center on the outskirts of Marrakech managed to recover the car of a teacher who had been held up Hollywood-style by a gang in a farmer’s car.

The car was found near the city of Shammia in the province of Youssoufia, to be transferred to the Royal Gendarmerie Center in case it is subjected to a fingerprint scanning process to reach the perpetrators of this criminal operation.

One of the teachers was the object of a robbery in the Sayed Zuwein area, near Marrakech, on Wednesday morning, by 3 people who were on board a car carrying “Pecop” goods, to deviate from the road. and steal what he had.