Launch of the National Dialogue on Construction and Housing – Today 24

Fátima Zahra Al-Mansouri, Minister of National Territory Preparation, Urbanization, Housing and Urban Policy, launched the national dialogue on urbanization and housing, during an official ceremony presided over by Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, and in the presence of ministers and representatives of the relevant ministries. departments, constitutional institutions, public bodies and institutions and professional organizations, on Friday, September 16, 2022. at the Ministry headquarters in Rabat.

In his opening speech, Al-Mansoori stressed that “the national dialogue on urbanization and housing is part of the implementation of the royal directives, whose objective is to allow citizens to benefit from decent, sustainable and quality housing, as well as encourage productive investment. .” The Minister also indicated that “the construction and housing sector made a qualitative leap during the last twenties and allowed it to achieve great profits, but it still faces many paradoxes, so it should not be seen from a purely technical angle, but as a multi-dimensional economic, social and cultural sector, where it constitutes a locomotive to boost the economy, reactivate investment and generate job opportunities, since it contributes to improving the living conditions of citizens.”

In addition, the rapid demographic growth and the great urbanization that our country is experiencing translates into a strong demand for housing, equipment and services, a situation that forces public administrations to prepare more areas to receive this new urban trend, framed in the urban sector. real estate. , target housing production and accelerate efforts to eliminate the housing deficit.

In this context, Fátima Al-Zahraa Al-Mansoori highlighted: “The initiative of this ministry to launch a national dialogue on urbanization and housing comes to create a rupture, and I am not saying with strategies and visions that are governed by the accumulation and valuation . , but at the level of approaches that have shown their limitations, not at the level of scenic quality.” And the architecture of our spaces or at the management level, especially in regard to the weight of procedures, the extension of deadlines, the multiplicity of participants and the obsolescence of legal texts”.

Within the framework of the implementation of advanced regionalization and decentralization, the national dialogue on urbanization and housing will begin at the level of 12 regions of the Kingdom, on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. “We aspire with you, through this national dialogue, to generate practical proposals and recommendations for the elaboration of a new public policy for the construction and housing sector. Therefore, the bet is that the regional meetings represent a station in the process of activating advanced regionalization and supporting administrative decentralization, in a way that reflects the determination of our country to commit to the values ​​of modernity and effective participation and responsible for all men. and citizens to raise the challenges of Morocco’s new development model”, added the minister.

These regional workshops will define the participation of all actors, experts and civil society actors concerned with urban and housing issues, these workshops are related to four main axes that revolve around planning and governance to value and improve the urban and architectural product, the supply of housing in order to guarantee access to adequate housing as a constitutional right, support the rural world and reduce territorial disparities For the sake of equity and achieve spatial justice, as well as the framework built with in order to protect the architectural heritage and taking into account the demands of modernity and guarantee quality, safety and sustainability.

The national dialogue on urbanization and housing will also constitute an opportunity to meet the requirements of territorial development in all its dimensions.