Opposition boycotts Qalaat Sraghna regional council session for the third time due to agenda – today 24

For the third consecutive time, the ordinary session of the regional council of Qala’a Sraghna registered the absence of twelve members of the opposition team.

Among the boycotters of the Independent Council session were Yasser Hafez, First Vice President, Omar Dashri, Head of the Programming and Budget Committee, and Constitutionalist Muhammad Sadiq, Chairman of the Committee for Rural and Urban Affairs, Investment Promotion, Water, Energy and Environment, who had previously joined the opposition team three months after the election of Hassan Al-Hamri as president.

Faced with this situation, Al-Hassan Al-Hamri, head of the Regional Council, decided this Wednesday morning to announce the adjournment of the session due to lack of quorum, and postpone its call, as established by Organic Law 14. -112 of the prefecture and regional councils.

The opponents attributed the reason for their boycott of the session to the non-acceptance by the president of the council and the management board of the issues that the opposition demanded to propose to discuss and make the corresponding decisions on them.

Regarding the issues of the points that were rejected, a source from the opposition explained that there are nine points, among them the re-election of the representative of the regional council in the group of dirty groups -Solidarity-, and the discussion of the delivery. of cars granted in the framework of a donation from the council of the Marrakech-Safi region, and the identification of the beneficiary groups of the same. …

On the other hand, a source close to the president clarified that setting the agenda for ordinary or extraordinary sessions is the right of the members of the board of directors, and opponents do not have the right to impose proposals on the agenda.

The source explained that the agenda of the September session includes the study and approval of the budget project, and the opponents were supposed to attend to express their views and present their suggestions on the content of the council’s budget instead of the absence unjustified and delaying everything related. financial management of regional council facilities and programs.