Swiss court bans full-body searches for violating women’s rights

The Swiss Federal Court ruled against the border police for subjecting a woman to a rigorous body search.

The officers who participated in the inspection process are being investigated by the military judiciary, which has jurisdiction over customs and border guards.

The case dates back to a woman who filed a complaint with the judiciary in 2017 for being forced to remove her clothes and undergo a full body search after Geneva border guards found a package of hashish in her car.

The author considered the inspection to which she was subjected as “ill-treatment” and demanded compensation of 5,000 Swiss francs, which was rejected at the time by the Federal Administrative Court.

The Federal Court, which is the highest judicial authority in Switzerland, ruled in favor of the complainant, in a ruling published last Tuesday.

The court required customs officers to adhere to the same rules as police and prison guards when conducting a thorough body search, that is, there must be a concrete suspicion that the contraband is concealed in a person’s body.

It also provided that warranted and thorough body searches must be conducted exclusively by officers of the same sex, except in emergency situations.