The Governing Council approves the draft decree of the regional commissions to learn about fiscal resources – Hoy 24

The Government Council approved this Friday the draft Decree No. 2.22.573 that specifies the number of regional commissions to hear resources in tax matters, their headquarters and jurisdiction.

The Minister Delegate of the Prime Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, Government spokesman, Mustafa Baitas, explained during a press conference after the meeting of the Government Council, that the draft decree, which was presented by the Minister of Economy and Finance Nadia Fattah, falls within the framework of the application of the provisions of article 225 bis of the General Code. For taxes that foresee the creation of regional committees to hear resources in tax matters, consider the claims presented by taxpayers in the form of petitions whose headquarters or main institution is within their jurisdiction.

The minister stressed that the draft decree includes legal requirements that specify the number of regional committees to consider resources in tax matters in nine committees, which is the same number of regional tax directorates, and explained that the headquarters of these committees has been determined at the level of administrative courts or courts of first instance for those who do not have an administrative court The competence of the regional commissions to hear appeals in tax matters will coincide with the competence of the regional tax directorates.