A verbal altercation between Mbarka Bouaida and her deputy in an internal meeting at the Guelmim office – today 24

A strong dispute between Mbarka Bouaida, head of the Guelmim Ouednoune region, and her fifth deputy, Khawla El Kharchi, of the Istiqlal Party, caused tension and discussion that led to a verbal altercation after an internal office meeting on the preparation of the construction site. agenda for the next session of the Council.

According to “Al-Youm 24” sources, a dispute arose between Embarka and her deputy last Thursday night, after the president confirmed the order to deposit the council’s draft budget and the various points of the session with the State interests two days before. the meeting, under the pretext that Tuesday was the last date to file in the corresponding state offices.

Al-Kharshi denounced what he considered an insult to the members of the office, for their invitation to the meeting to discuss the details of the draft budget and other points that were supposed to be discussed before including them in the agenda of the next one. session, considering that the inconvenience of the deputies to travel to attend a meeting that she described as insulting is useless, and is just a protocol that excludes the deputies from their right to discuss the budget.

The note from the independent deputy, the sources add, did not go unanswered by the party leader, who considered that the comment in question was only “brave” and disrespectful, which caused a strong discussion between the two parties, which It ended with the intervention of the partners to soften the atmosphere among the attendees and end the meeting.