“Al-Daoudi” is a bit silly, but his intention is good (video) – today 24

“The Brotherhood informed me that C. Lahcen Daoudi has joined us in the hall, so they welcome him.” As soon as this sentence was uttered by the General Secretary of the Justice and Development Party, Abdelilah Ibn Kiran, the hall hosting the 7th Bijidi national youth conference in Bouznika today shook with cheers and applause.

Ibn Kiran added, in his first meeting with Lahcen Daoudi, after the setback on September 8, 2021, “I had Daoudi seen a bit of an idiot, but Neto is good”, in an attempt to bridge the dispute that occurred between them and appeared . before the extraordinary national conference of the party, in which Ibn Kiran, general secretary of the party, was re-elected.

In a tape released last October, Abdelilah Ibn Kiran, a former Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party, strongly attacked statements he attributed to Daoudi, even saying that the General Secretary’s resignation after the September 8 elections was “unwritten.” ”. he criticized the Secretary General’s statement, his resignation is political, not organizational, saying: “This is Hoshouma.” He also rejected Daoudi’s speech about “Ibn Kiran and those with him”, saying: “If Daoudi wants to do good for himself, he must remain silent.”

In response, Daoudi considered, in previous statements to the “Al-Youm 24” website, that Ibn Kiran’s statement of “his desire to run is not characteristic of the party”, adding: “As long as Ibn Kiran says that I do not speak good and that I should keep quiet, I also say, that I don’t know.” Announce my candidacy in an indirect way to lead the party as he does.”

And he considered that the “slander” that Ibn Kiran practiced against him, “made the citizenry withdraw their trust in the Justice and Development Party, which claims to have an Islamic reference.”