Controversy between the Moroccan Bar Association over the presence of lawyers advocating normalization at a conference in Lebanon against the Zionist occupation – today 24

The Association of Bar Associations of Morocco is experiencing a strong controversy after choosing two lawyers who advocate normalization with Israel, to be part of the association’s delegation at the conference of the Union of Arab Lawyers in Lebanon that will be dedicated to confront the Israeli occupation.

This is related to the meeting of the permanent office of the Arab Lawyers Union, which will hold its first session for the year 2022 in Lebanon on September 19-20.

Among those chosen to attend the meeting in Lebanon are Khaled El-Idrissi, a member of the Rabat Bar Association and the Moroccan Bar Association office, and Moulay Slimane El Amrani, a former Marrakesh Lawyers union. and Vice-President of the Association of Moroccan Bar Associations.

The two lawyers had previously defended Israel’s participation in an international soccer league for lawyers, the 20th session of which was organized this year in Marrakech.

This position led the office of the Association of Moroccan Bar Associations, at its ordinary meeting on April 15 in Kenitra, to decide to boycott the league “because of the participation of Israeli lawyers in the demonstration organized by a for-profit company , which has no connection with the professional associations of Moroccan lawyers”, according to a statement published by the authority.
Khaled El-Idrissi, a lawyer for the Rabat Authority, wrote a blog post saying that the Lebanon meeting “is an opportunity for Arab lawyers to defend two basic issues that cannot be ignored, overcome or negotiated, namely , the question of the Moroccan Sahara against the threats of the enemies of the territorial integrity, and the second question is to defend the cause “Palestine against the brutal Israeli aggression”.
This is at a time when lawyers criticized this duality in their positions between the call for normalization on the one hand and support for Palestine against the occupation on the other.