Ibn Kiran praises a Moroccan woman who gave her husband the choice between working as a driver for Govrin or getting a divorce – today 24

Al-Bijidi Secretary General Abdelilah Ibn Kiran revealed an exciting story about a professional driver who was called to work with the head of the Israel Liaison Office in Rabat, David Govrin.

Ibn Kieran explained during the opening of his party’s youth conference today, Saturday in Bouznika, that he had heard that the driver’s wife had refused and given him the choice between retiring from working with Govrin or ending their marriage relationship. .

Ibn Kiran commented on the position of this wife saying: “Hadi is Moroccan, or not”, adding: “Although this family if the husband does not work, Melgao Miaklo”.

Ibn Kiran called on the young members to fight against normalization and added: “Moroccans reject normalization”, and addressed them saying: “Don’t fall asleep, fight against normalization in society, and if you remain silent, Moroccans will walk and serve in Israel.”