A young Moroccan arrives in Ceuta swimming from Fnideq, using diving suits – Hoy 24

On Sunday morning, a young man from the city of Fnideq reached the shore of the occupied city of Ceuta, swimming, to be the first to reach the city in this way alive during this week.

She said spanish mediathat the Civil Guard detained a young man from the Moroccan city of Fnideq, who was wearing a bathing suit, in the occupied zone, after the same interests recovered three bodies, which they said were people from Morocco, who were wearing the same suit .

The authorities of the occupied region said this Friday that the Civil Guard recovered the body of a man this morning, the third of an immigration candidate to be recovered from the decomposing sea in just one week.

The decomposing body that has been recovered today, was found trapped in a jetty, after the authorities received the alert that there was a body floating in the water, dressed in a diving suit, like those used by swimmers who try to cross to Ceuta from Morocco.

These bodies are added to the long list of dead and missing that have occurred these days, which confirms the continuation of the tragic aspect of the migration to occupied Ceuta, and the continuation of the attempts to swim out of Morocco, despite data indicating a decrease in the number of immigrants from Morocco to the occupied border and Spain this year.

The most complicated and painful thing about these cases is the difficulty of identifying who the deceased person is in order to comfort the families who are looking for him, especially in this case, which is the third this week, when the victims are buried without identifying their identities.