Adel Al-Saghir was elected national youth writer “Al-Bijidi” to succeed Mohamed Amkraz – Hoy 24

On Saturday night, “Al-Bijidi” youth elected Adel Al-Saghir as the new national writer to succeed Mohamed Amkraz, and 307 youth members participated in the election.

Al-Saghir received the most votes in the electoral process, which began on Saturday night and continued until the early hours of midnight, where the young man received 188 votes, followed by Saad Hazem with 76 votes, then Abdel Karim Al- Kadawi with 28 votes, while 6 votes were annulled and 9 blank papers.

The Youth for Justice and Development organized its seventh national conference in Bouznika from Friday to Sunday, in which various party leaders addressed youth members.

After his election to lead the “Al-Bijidi” youth, Adel Al-Saghir said: “The attempt to alienate the youth from political work was dangerous for the country,” adding that the youth is betting on defending democracy and national affairs.

Al-Saghir, who was moved by his election, thanked those who elected him for the trust placed in him and congratulated the members of the former National Office.

Al-Saghir is a frame in the Ministry of Justice. He served as a member of the National Youth Bureau of three states and a member of the party’s external supervision department. Previously, he worked in the office of the former Minister of Solidarity and Family, Bassima Hakkaoui.