Bait Mal Al Quds Agency launches projects worth more than a million dollars in Jerusalem – Hoy 24

This September, the Bait Mal Al Quds Agency launched a new set of projects in the Holy City, with an economic endowment of more than one million dollars, financed by Morocco.

The projects were distributed in the sectors of education, health, culture and social assistance programs.
It aimed to establish two units for washing the dead and preserving corpses at the Makassed Charitable Association Hospital, in the amount of 180 thousand dollars, and to prepare the entrances and spaces for the Al-Quds University campus in Beit Hanina. with the signing of an agreement for the creation of the environmental club in the same institution, for a value of 400 thousand dollars, as well as the signing of agreements for the sponsorship of ten schools in Jerusalem for an amount of 400 thousand dollars.

These projects also included equipping the Al-Aqsa Mosque library and the Al-Khatniyah library at the bottom of the Al-Qibli Mosque, with modern electronic equipment and supplies, a donation from the Bait Mal Al-Quds Agency, with a sum of $25,000, and the signing of an agreement to finance community activities of the “Burj Al-Luqluq” Association for a value of $60,000, for four years. In addition to expanding the list of orphans covered by the sponsorship of the agency with 30 new sponsored children, the monthly allowance The subsidy includes $80 for each orphan, in addition to the school bag and assistance in kind to families during the month of Ramadan and religious events.

On the other hand, the agency promised to study the files of equipping Jerusalem hospitals with solar panels to reduce the electricity bill, repair and restore the Marrakesh Hall of the Yabous Cultural Center, and give it a Moroccan character, in addition to equipping the main performance hall of the National Theater – Al-Hakawati with new chairs, with the repair and restoration of the Training room, in addition to supporting the project to provide the team of volunteers to intervene in emergency situations with first aid material and lanterns to help families bury their dead in Muslim cemeteries, at night.