Protests in Pullman over prosecutions against water shortage protesters

Dozens of Angelenos on the outskirts of Pullman organized a vigil in solidarity with four citizens, who were heard by judicial police last Thursday, in the context of the water protests that broke out in Engel Center during the summer.

The protesters announced their solidarity with the supporters in the water row, and is related to “AA, ZK, MA, LA”, from the Engel group of the Pullman commune, participated in the protests that the group knew, and also came out in a protest march to Midelt, a march in which about 200 people participated, to demand a solution to drinking water.

According to a source from the region, the observers, in the context of the water protests in Pullman, will appear before the Public Ministry of Mysore Primary, after the judicial police heard them in official minutes, based on a complaint filed by the local municipality. authority.