Conditions deteriorate in the “Al-Hol camp” in Syria, where Moroccan women are detained with their children – Hoy 24

On Sunday, the commander of the US Central Command, Michael Corella, warned that the situation in the “Al-Hol camp”, which houses the families of ISIS fighters, in the Hasaka governorate, northeast of Syria represents an “international crisis that requires a solution.”

The warning comes a day after the end of a security operation by Kurdish forces in the “Al-Hol camp”, which began on August 25, targeting networks that facilitate ISIS operations in the camp, according to a report. statement issued by US Central Command.

There are dozens of Moroccan women, wives of former ISIS fighters, in Al-Hol and Roj camp in northern Syria, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, asking to return to Morocco with their children.

The National Coordination of Moroccan Detainees and Detainees in Syria and Iraq said that the Syrian Democratic Forces carried out a surprise inspection last week in al-Hol and forcibly separated several children from their mothers, including Moroccan women detained inside the fields.

A source from the National Coordination of Moroccan Detainees and Detainees in Syria and Iraq confirmed to Al-Youm 24 that children over the age of 13 were forcibly separated from their mothers and taken from the camp.

On Sunday, US Central Command said “ISIS preys on the weak and the needy, and is trying to exploit conditions in the camp to help renew its forces,” stressing that the only solution to this crisis is to “return the residents of the camp”. to their homeland, rehabilitating and integrating them”.

In 24 days, the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested some 300 ISIS members, seized 25 kilograms of explosives and 25 hand grenades, and removed ISIS supply and logistics materials from the camp.

The Syrian Democratic Forces freed 6 women who were found chained and tortured by ISIS members.

According to the National Coordination of Moroccan Detainees and Detainees in Syria and Iraq, the number of Moroccan women stranded in the Syrian camps is estimated at 97, and the number of men detained at 131. As for the children, who accompany their mothers, 261 children, and orphaned children trapped in camps, are estimated at 31, according to statistics from the same coordination.

He added that the situation inside the camps is serious, with diseases, viruses, insecurity and inhumane conditions spreading, and that some Moroccan women detained inside fear for their safety from ISIS elements.

A parliamentary commission had previously studied this issue and the authorities decided to return some of the women, but most of the women are still detained there with their children, along with women of Arab and foreign nationality.