Confusion in “Al-Bijidi” after one of his elected representatives obtained a luxury car from the Rabat region council – today 24

The acquisition by the head of the Agriculture Committee of the Rabat regional council, Mohamed Harfaoui, of an “AUDI A4” car belonging to the regional council has sparked controversy within the “Bigidi” bodies, which, according to an informed source, is expected to have been discussed in the party’s regional newsroom in the Rabat region.

The head of the Agriculture Committee, Mohamed Al-Harfawi, in a phone call to “Al-Youm 24”, confirmed that he does not use the regional council’s car, which is currently in the “parking lot” of the region’s council.

Al-Harfawi explained that he only uses the car to carry out the tasks entrusted to him in his capacity as head of the Agriculture Commission in charge of studying and monitoring the projects carried out by the council of the region, which requires visits from field to check the rhythm. of work in it, among which the connection of drinking water and electricity stand out, which are part of the national program related to the reduction of differences The social sphere, in which the City Council of the Region contributes 40 percent of the total of its Projects.

The head of the “Al Baijidi” group in the region’s council, Bahaa El-Din Akadi, stated that the decision was made to reject the four members of the region’s council who belong to his party, any “privilege or revenue” offered by the presidency of the council.

Bahaa El-Din added in an interview with the “Al-Youm 24” website that the decision to reject concessions is “a matter of principle within his party,” noting that throughout his responsibility as deputy mayor de Salé, never used the group’s car, and that the deputies of the former party did not get cars, like the rest of the deputies.

The distribution by the council of the Rabat region of Audi A4 and Skoda cars to the vice presidents, the secretary of the council and his deputy, the heads of committees and teams, and senior employees angered the heads of departments and administrative departments of the Council of the region, which had previously submitted a request to the head of the regional council to enable the cars, but have not yet received any response.
The anger among the employees was also sparked by the demand of the director of the Selection and the president of the Social Business Association, to return a Dacia Duster car that he was using.

It should be noted that the council of the region used a company to rent about 25 new cars with an annual economic amount of more than 2.3 million dirhams (230 million cents), with an additional economic cost that covers the current mandate, estimated at 14 million dirhams (1.4 billion cents).

The current council inherited 40 cars from the previous council, of which 10 needed repair, including an “Audi A6” and 8 cars of normal brands that have been suspended and several of them are expected to be lost in the city of Rabat. Council, as included in the agenda of a session next October, the board of directors.