The controversy over the high prices of infant formula in pharmacies reaches Parliament – today 24

The parliamentary representative of the Socialist Group, Moulay Mahdi Al-Fatimi, condemned the “repeated and unacceptable increases” in the prices of infant formulas, pointing out in a question addressed to the Government that citizens and pharmacists were surprised by incendiary increases in the price of formulas childish. formula, some of which amounted to 20 dirhams, while there are increases Others are 12 dirhams, three dirhams and others, depending on the size of the milk package.

The increase, according to the text of the question, was considered by pharmacists as unreasonable increases, caused by the lack of determination of the profit margins of the distributors and suppliers, adding that the sector knows the chaos in terms of margins of profit obtained by suppliers and distributors, unlike pharmacists who are forced to respect a weak profit margin.

Al-Fatimi explained that there is a gap in the law regarding infant formulas, unlike the pharmaceutical trade, in which the profit margins of supplier and distributor companies are determined.

The Federal Parliamentarian recalled a ministerial patrol dating from the sixties that regulated this sector, urging to reform the legislation in this regard, and to take “urgent measures in order to contribute to the issuance of a law that typifies the infractions for those who have had the temptation to impose increases on the Moroccans”.

Sabah Bousham, pharmacist and former deputy, expressed her astonishment at this unjustified increase that occurred overnight, since the price of a box in the morning was 79 dirhams, and at night it became 99 dirhams, noting that “pharmacists are the last to know, unfortunately.”

Beaucham added that such an increase would have been understandable if there was a hypothesis to “encourage breastfeeding,” which is incorrect, because most prescriptions given to mothers after childbirth in clinics include formula.