The trial of journalist Hanan Bakour postponed for the second time after a complaint by the Akhannouch party – today 24

Today, Monday, the Salé Court of First Instance postponed the trial session of the journalist Hanan Bakkour, following a complaint against her by the National Association of Independents, due to her publication on the election of the president of the Guelmim council Oued Noun.

The court adjourned the court session until October 17, which is the second adjournment after a first session held on June 27.

Hanan Bakour said, after today’s session, that she attended to support her defense, “for the second time in a row, neither the complainant nor its representative appeared on behalf of the complainant.”

In its complaint, the National Association of Independents had requested “that an investigation be carried out for the crimes of false slander, denunciation of a fictitious crime and distribution of a composition composed by a person without their consent.”

The Prime Minister’s party also requested that Hanan Bakour be followed up in case of arrest and referred to court in accordance with the law.

Bakour’s follow-up follows a post he wrote on the day of Abdel Wahab Belfqih’s death, surprising that he was “between life and death”, while at the same time announcing the election of the head of the Guelmim region council. -Oued Noun, Mbarka. Bouaida, “without even delaying in knowing the fate of the son and colleague of the city.” According to what I wrote, the post is attached to a photo of Bouaida and Belfakih.

Bakur commented on his monitoring, saying in a blog post, “There are those who want to instill in people fear of their imagination and clothing.”

Bakur continues, according to article 447.2 of the Penal Code, accused of “spreading and disseminating false facts using information systems, with the intention of compromising or defaming people’s private lives.”