Al-Mirawi plays down the strike of university professors, but awaits Akhannouch’s decision on the demands of the unions (+ video) – Hoy 24

Abdel Latif Al-Mirawi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, responded to the university teachers’ strike from earlier this week, saying: “For me, there is no strike, based on the numbers I took from university presidents. If it’s something else, I don’t know.” But he didn’t reveal the signs of running the strike in power of him.

Instead, the Moroccan Union for Higher Education and Scientific Research says that the strike, which has been going on since yesterday, achieved a success rate of between 85 and 90 percent, in its first day, on Monday.

The minister added at a press conference at the ministry headquarters on Tuesday: “There is a union that called the strike, and the big union did not call it, and we have a meeting of the Prime Minister with the unions, and I think that all we must think about the students who come to public universities and come from poor families”.

The minister was surprised by what he considered the announcement of the teaching strike, “in a circumstance in which students need to study”, and added: “There has to be wisdom, and the responsibility belongs to everyone, because the universities have university professors ”. and doctors who understand more, and must be wise to respond to the demand of students.” Moroccan University.

Regarding the demands to produce the new statute for higher education teachers, the minister said: “We work with the unions and we always communicate. Now we have reached a stage where the prime minister must arbitrate, because it is about a statute that requires financing”. means.”

He concluded: “We want the best, and the purpose is not to increase salaries, but to increase the attractiveness of higher education, since human capital has become the main component of countries.”

The Moroccan Union of Higher Education and Scientific Research is immersed in a broad boycott of the current mass entry, throughout this week, while in the last hours, branches of the (most representative) National Union of Higher Education announced similar decisions related to with the college admissions boycott this week.

A local branch of the National Union of Higher Education in Safi, organized yesterday, announced the boycott of “all teaching activities, meetings of committees, structures and parties, as a warning step, from today, Tuesday, to Friday, September 23.”

Another branch of the National Union for Higher Education in Berrechid also announced a “boycott of all pedagogical and scientific activities, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, until next Saturday.”