Approximately 16 people tried to migrate illegally along the Ain Sebaa beach in Casablanca – Hoy 24

During the early hours of this Monday, the police of the Ain Sebaa region, in Casablanca, managed to frustrate the execution of an illegal immigration operation through maritime routes.

Some 16 people tried to migrate illegally to Ain Sebaa beach, in a rubber boat, before the police were able to arrest the main suspect involved in organizing this operation, along with the rest of the immigration candidates.

According to the preliminary data of the investigation, according to the state of security of Casablanca, two of the detainees climbed the fence of a sports club in the area, where the inflatable boat was seized after immobilizing a night watchman and subjecting him to physical attacks.

It is the boat that was used in the illegal immigration attempt, before the immediate intervention of the police disrupted this process.

The organizer and candidates for illegal immigration are subject to judicial investigation procedures, which are carried out under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry, in order to reveal all the circumstances and circumstances of this case.