Protests over water… Mysore Primary Court Prosecutor’s Office decides to follow up on 4 defendants on condition of release – today 24

On Tuesday, the Mysore Public Ministry heard primarily from four citizens of the Angel group in Pullman, and decided to follow them in a state of release, in the context of the water protests that broke out in Angel, and turned into a march towards the workers. from the Midelt region.

He also set the date of the next 11 October for the first court session, four days after the minutes of the hearings completed by the gendarmerie judicial police interests in Mysore.

Residents of the Angel group in Pullman had staged a sit-in in front of the group for 4 days, before marching in which some 200 town residents participated, to demand safe drinking water and expand the network to include the districts, which they said were disadvantaged, and that the works did not reach the limits. Today, confirms a source of Vertigo.