The coach of the Moroccan U-20 team calls up 25 players for the Murcia International League – today 24

The Moroccan U-20 team participates in the international league in Murcia, Spain, with the participation of Australia, England and Chile.

In its first match in this international tournament, the U-20 national team will face Australia on Thursday, September 22, 2022 and will face England on Saturday, September 24, while they will face Chile on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. .

For this, Mohamed Wehbe, coach of the Moroccan national team for less than 20 years, invited 25 players, including six players from the professional championship, two of them from Al-Fath Sports, Raja Casablanca, and a player from the Royal Army, and the Turkish Sports Federation Invitation to three players from the Mohammed VI Football Academy.

Below is the list of the 25 players who have been invited to the Murcia International League:
Osama Arhoun / Abdullah Azrour / Adnan Bensaad / Abdullah Bentayek / Othman Boukhrais / Salah El-Din Kofi / Omar Hilali / Ayman El-Wafi / Reda Raghawi / Abdullah Ba’alal / Muhammad Yunus Al-Jazouli / Dia El-Din Al-Jarmouni / Yassin Khalifi / Elias Kurth / Zakaria Labib / Wassim Al-Nataki / Elias Loufranc / Osama Al-Yaqoubi / Elias Mago / Walid Mohammadi / Omar Sadiq / Abderrahmane Soussi / Sami Tlemceni / Sami Toure / Elias Al-Zayani.