The lack of a quorum postpones the elections for the presidency of the Casablanca-Settat Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services – today 24

The elections for the presidency of the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services of Casablanca-Settat were postponed, on Monday, until next Friday, due to lack of a quorum.

The members of the aforementioned chamber disagreed with each other; Where some of them refused to enter the headquarters of the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services, and with it the lack of a quorum.

As expected, the electoral session was attended by the leaders of the coalition parties to support the candidate of the Independence Party, Hassan al-Barakani, including Abdel Rahim Bendo, coordinator of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, and Fouad al-Qadri, the regional coordinator of the Independence Party.

The Interior Ministry was forced to re-elect the speaker of the chamber after independent candidate Hassan al-Barakani’s election as speaker of the chamber was annulled, based on an appeal filed by his rival, Yasser Adel of the Constitutional Union. .

The re-election was decided after the Court of Cassation upheld the Administrative Court’s decision to cancel the election of Al-Barakani and members of the office based on violations that marred the voting process, including lack of control of the list. of attendance and violations of the method of voting for the president and the members of the office.