The Rabat administration annuls the decision of the Minister of Culture to withdraw the book prize from 9 Moroccan writers – Hoy 24

The Administrative Court of Rabat has decided today, Tuesday, to annul the decision of the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, according to which the Morocco Book Prize was withdrawn from nine Moroccan writers, and the minister paid them a dirham as compensation for moral damages that they had suffered.

The case goes back to a decision made by the minister last March to withdraw the Morocco Prize to 9 books that had received equal parts during the 2021 call.

Bensaid made this controversial decision in response to a letter sent to him by the winning writers last January asking him to award the full amount of the prize to each of them.

In a letter addressed to the interested parties, Bensaid stressed that what they claim is a precedent in the history of the Moroccan Book Prize, which has overcome half a century of radiation based on invoking its legal and moral aspects.

The interested writers who appealed the decision, and the Administrative Court ruled in their favour, are: Yahya Al Yahyaoui, Idris Maqboul, Yahya bin Al Waleed, Ahmed Bouhassan, Al Tayeb Amkrud, Muhammad Al Jarti, Muhammad Ali Al Rabawi, Hassan Ibrahim Amoury and Boubacar Bouhadi.