A Spanish court condemns the newspaper El Mundo, after a defamation lawsuit filed by the Moroccan Community Council

A Spanish court has condemned the newspaper El Mundo and sentenced it to pay a symbolic euro for the benefit of a travel agency established by three Moroccan women in the Mataró district of Barcelona, ​​​​including the wife of the secretary general of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad, Abdallah Boussouf.

The newspaper accused the agency of being a “bogus company hired for espionage and money laundering.”

Boussouf posted the sentence on his Facebook page and commented on it saying: “For all useful purposes, I publish the text of a preliminary decision of the Madrid court in what is known as the El Mundo case… where the Spanish court ruled in acquittal. of the fabricated charges and the conviction of the newspaper El Mundo”, promising to appeal the sentence.

The court ruling confirmed that the newspaper’s investigation was “distorted and written in an impartial tone”, referring to what “El Mundo” published in June 2019, an investigation entitled “The female cover of the Moroccan informant trade in Spain” , which talks about a case before the Spanish justice, in which officials confront Moroccans accused of transferring aid funds provided by Morocco to fight against extremism in Europe to their own accounts, the Council has announced the filing of a lawsuit against the Spanish newspaper.

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad, had previously issued a statement after that, in which it considered the content of the investigation “false accusations and incorrect data that affect the honor of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad in the person of its Secretary-General, member of his family and member of the Council”, and decided to file a lawsuit against “El Mundo” in the person of its director and the publisher, through a Spanish law firm, represented the council and its general secretary. .