42% of construction contractors experienced “supply difficulties” this year – Hoy 24

The High Planning Commission said that 42 percent of construction sector hires, during the third quarter of 2022, faced difficulties in the supply of raw material, and the cash situation was considered difficult for 66 percent of hiring in this sector.

Today, Thursday, the delegate clarified, in a memorandum related to the most important representations of the contract owners of the economic situation investigation carried out in the third quarter of 2022, in the contracting sectors of the manufacturing, extractive, energy, environmental and construction. , that the representations monitor the evolution in the production of these sectors during the second quarter of the year 2022, as well as the expectations for the third quarter of the year 2220.

During the second quarter of 2022, the delegate expected, “that the activities of the construction sector have known stability”, and this development is mainly due to the stability that has been registered in the activities of “civil works” and on the other hand , to the improvement that has been recorded in the activities of “Construction of buildings”.

The delegate stated that the level of demand in the construction sector is “lower than normal”, and the number of workers may have remained stable, while estimates indicate that the production capacity used registered 75%.