A documentary about the female ‘Taborida’ competes for one of the prizes at the Tangier Film Festival

The director and producer Adel Eklei participates in the documentary “The bards… The story of the female locomotive” in the 22nd edition of the National Film Festival in the documentary category.

The events of the film revolve around the competition of women with men in the “Taburideh”, and what it takes to take risks and courage.

Several scenes in the film convey the difficulties the girls faced in going through the “Taburideh” experience, especially trying to persuade men to accept the idea of ​​having female knights.

The film’s director attributed the reason for his choice of this theme to the attempt to shed light on “Taburideh” in female form, which required filming a group of scenes in a group of areas known as “Taburideh” art in the areas of Ba Muhammad, Muhammadiyah and Quneitra.