After his re-recognition… the President of Peru receives a delegation from the “Polisario” in New York

After once again recognizing the “false republic,” Peruvian President Pedro Castillo received a delegation from the separatist “Polisario” Front on Wednesday.

Castillo, the delegation made up of Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, whom the separatist front calls “Foreign Minister” and his representative in New York, Sidi Mohamed Ammar, met on the sidelines of the work of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Peruvian State decided to re-recognize the fictitious republic, after having withdrawn its recognition in mid-August, that is, in less than a month.

Immediately after President Pedro Costello made the decision, the Minister of Foreign Affairs tendered his resignation, although his appointment to the post dates only from August 5. The Peruvian press reported that the decision to resign came as a result of disagreement between the president and the foreign minister on international files, and the Sahara file was the file that blew things up.

Peru is one of the Latin American countries that has changed its position on the Sahara several times since the 1980s, since it recognized the separatist front in 1984 during the presidency of Fernando Blaundy, the recognition of then President Alberto Fujimori was frozen in 1996 , and the recognition occurred again with the current president Pedro Castillo during September 2021, and the recognition was frozen again with the same president last August, and after a month, Peru recognized the “Polisario” again.