Reduction of the water flow in Safi and possibility of being cut off due to drought – today 24

The Collective Independent Agency for the Distribution of Water and Electricity in Safi, called “Laradis” for short, announced that it has decided to reduce the flow of drinking water to the level of the city’s distribution network.
He called on the neighbors to “commit to rationalizing the consumption of water resources.”
A report obtained by “Hoy 24” indicated that its reduction in water flow can sometimes reach the point of interruption, and that its decision came into force as of yesterday, Tuesday, September 20.
In the same context, he said that “all their interests will remain mobilized to ensure the distribution of this vital material, with the required quality and in accordance with current regulations.”
“Laradis” justified its decision by “the water emergency declared by the Kingdom, which is caused by climate change and the lack of rain during the current season.”
In a previous statement, “Laradis” announced a few days ago that “in order to rationalize the consumption of distributed water, it has provided the drinking water distribution network with a set of programmed equipment, in order to reduce the pressure level of this network, during the night period that extends from midnight to six in the morning, in order to avoid the increasing waste of water due to invisible leaks”.