An investigation with the owner of a phone repair shop in Qalaa Sraghna for the international call hacking case

The King’s representative at the Qalaa El Sraghna primary school, after reviewing the preliminary registration procedure of the judicial police, ordered the extension of the theoretical preventive detention for 24 hours for a suspect involved in the hacking case of international documents calls

This occurs at a time when, last Monday afternoon, the judicial police arrested a 36-year-old person, on suspicion of his participation in the hacking of international telephone calls, in his shop dedicated to the repair and sale of mobile phones. , as part of the investigation carried out as a result of a complaint filed by the legal representative of one of the telecommunications operators, in which the interested party is accused of stealing and hacking international telephone calls and converting them into local calls, in order to finance difference between them extracted.

The search operation at the suspect’s location resulted in the seizure of equipment, electronic media and telephone chips suspected of being used for hacking and theft of international calls, which will be submitted to the necessary digital expertise.