Doublem reveals a program to discover new singing talents – today 24

Channel Two revealed the new program that it will transmit to its fans, to discover new talents in the world of singing, entitled “Star Light”.

The jury of the Moroccan program “Star Light” includes the brightest Moroccan stars, including Latifa Raafat, Asmaa Al-Munawar, Noaman Lahlou, Douzi and Aminsex, who will be presented by Moroccan entertainer Hicham Masrar.

Channel Two indicated that the start of the transmission of the new program will be from October 25, every Tuesday, for 9 weeks, until December 20, to provide the opportunity to 48 young talents.

The creators of the program were not satisfied with the names mentioned in the jury, but the artists Sana Marahati, Lamia Al-Zaydi and Dia Al-Tibi were appointed as coaches of the candidates to improve their singing performance and deal well with the rules. musical and lyrical.