Going back to price support in the midst of great pressure on demand is dangerous… and direct support to families is more effective – today 24

Ahmed Rahho, president of the Competition Council, expressed his opposition to expanding the current system of price subsidies, including fuel, considering that direct support to families is the most effective solution.

Rahho stressed, during his presentation at a symposium organized by the Al-Faqih Tetouan Foundation, on Friday, that it is more effective for the Moroccan market to have direct support for those who deserve it, and reduce fiscal severity by maintaining prices. as they are, noting that the experience of “Covid 19” provides a lesson in In this context, the State provided direct subsidies to citizens for a short period until the crisis ended.

And Rahho considered that in the context of the great pressure of demand, it would be dangerous to return to the subsidy, “because later we will not be able to erase it… Therefore, it is better to accelerate the process of granting direct support to families”, Raho says.