The Moroccan army publishes photos of its last possessions of the Israeli “drones” – today 24

New images showed, for the first time, several Israeli drones recently acquired by Morocco of the WanderB and ThunderB VTOL models, which are produced by the Israeli company BlueBird, and this occurred during a Moroccan-American military exercise on disaster management in Qantira. .

The (unofficial) page of the Royal Armed Forces, which posted the photos on Facebook, said that Morocco had previously acquired a large number of 150 ThunderB and WanderB drones that take off vertically.

The drone can carry out surveillance and reconnaissance tasks, identify targets, and fire direct artillery and missiles at the target with high precision. The drone can operate within a range of up to: for the WanderB model, up to 50 km, and for the ThunderB model, up to 150 km.

The footage also showed the appearance of a new Mi-3 Martlet drone in the Royal Armed Forces, which is a small, long-range drone that can search for, detect and track targets and direct artillery to destroy them or correct artillery fire. This drone has IR thermal vision.