The suffering of accidental cleaners in Jerada worsens – today 24

The crisis of accidental cleaners in the community of Jerada has returned to the fore, given the problems in which they said they were mired, due to the lack of activation of the procedures of all the groups to manage the hygiene sector.

Speaking to “The 24th Day,” Nate Lahcen Hisham, general secretary of the Jerada group’s Casual Workers Union, which is affiliated with the People’s Wage Union, said informal cleaning workers question the reasons for not activating the group despite to take all the corresponding regulatory measures and conditions, stressed the need to speed up the adoption of accidental cleaners in this framework, so that the rights of this category are guaranteed and their legal gains are protected.

It is worth noting that the accidental cleaners from the Jerada group in the eastern region had previously written to the Jaradah region worker, head of government and head of the collective council, to intervene to resolve their situation, and allow them to have their basic rights, as well as adopting a formula for managing the hygiene sector.