Who is the guest who attended the abstract wedding without an invitation? – Today 24

A great stir follows the guest who attended the wedding of the Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred, which was held in Paris without an invitation, and who put herself in an embarrassing situation, who is this guest.

The anonymous guest has not been spared criticism from social media activists, with random names being posted about her identity, but most reports indicate that she is a beautician who came to decorate Saad’s girlfriend. Al-Mujarred, Ghaith.

A source confirmed to “Al-Youm 24” that the beautician came to the ceremony at the request of a friend of the artist, Saad Al-Mujarred, to decorate the bride as a gift for them, but the latter hired another beautician.

It should be noted that the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred and Ghaith celebrated their wedding ceremony, on Tuesday, in the French capital, Paris, in an environment attended by family and friends, without revealing their details through social networks, by preventing mobile phones and media, from documenting the moments and details of the wedding.

Al-Mujrad, for his part, did not share any photos or video clips of his wedding on his official pages on social networks, but before that he directly announced that he had entered the golden cage.