Controversy in the Agadir group due to the absence of its president Akhannouch for 6 sessions – today 24

Great confusion occurred in the Community Council of Agadir, during a meeting on Friday, due to criticism of the constant absence of its president, Aziz Akhannouch.

Al-Sadiq Maa El-Aynein, a member of the opposition United Socialist Party’s Agadir Group, criticized Akhannouch’s absence, saying that this series of absences made him a “ghost president” after he failed to attend six sessions of his advice

Ma Al-Aynain renewed the issue of the presence of the group’s chairman after recording his absence from the sixth session, after members of the Justice and Development Party raised the same issue in parliament.

The controversy arose after the socialist team spoke about Akhannouch, since members of the National Association of Independents defended the group’s leader, while First Vice President Mustafa Bouderga justified Akhannouch’s absence in conjunction with other missions outside the country.

Akhannouch is in New York, where he is participating in the United Nations General Assembly.