Two protesters storm the session of the collective council of Agadir to demand employment (video) – today 24

The assault on two young women from the Coordination of Unemployed and Unemployed People in Agadir caused a temporary interruption of the work of the special session after the death of today Friday, as they expressed their dissatisfaction with the failure of the collective council to fulfill its promise to provide employment opportunities. permanent jobs for the unemployed.

The representative of the coordination members said that the entrance of her and her colleague to the room that houses the work of the special session in the cultural complex, Mohamed Khair El-Din, with a yellow card in hand, is a protest against what he called The evasion of the group and its president, Aziz Akhannouch, from listening to the problems of the unemployed in the city, despite the promises of his government to provide a million job opportunities for the disabled.

Following the attempts of the Acting Spokesman of the Council, Mustafa Boudraga, to respond to the young woman who called the deputies irresponsible with the demands of the unemployed and programmed a significant budget to house stray dogs and cats, Mohamed Baraka, a member of the Collective Council of Agadir of the Istiqlal Party, intervened to persuade the speaker to stop interrupting the work of the session and commit to holding a session in front of the audience Dialogue with the vice presidents to listen to the demands of the coordination and find possible solutions to achieve them .